At the age of 35, I was just returning home from a trip to India when I noticed a lump in my left breast. It was June 12th 2012 and I was on my way to being told that I had Grade 2 Invasive ER & PR Positive Breast Cancer. The initial assessment suggested I had been carrying a tumour for upwards of 18 months.

Just like that, my life, the lives of my family & friends and everything I once knew changed in an instant. This was a complete surprise given that I had no family history of cancer & was otherwise very fit & healthy. How could this be happening to me, & more importantly, I asked, why was this happening to me?

Before I could think, I was undergoing my first operation, & was being told that I had a year plus worth of chemos & radiotherapies ahead of me. The speed of play was so fast that I felt that I was walking into unknown territory. This thought conjured a sense of isolation that sent my anxiety levels sky high. I didn’t know anything about the treatments the doctors were suggesting, & I certainly wasn’t easy with knowing that chemo could possibly make me infertile.

I had two weeks to decide whether or not to go through the procedure of freezing my eggs. What was I supposed to do? How was I meant to know which choices were the right choices? I soon began researching every aspect of Cancer I could get my hands on. My comfort came from an unlikely source — my very own curiosity.

Almost instantly, I understood that I needed to show the raw & uncut side of Cancer…but with a beautiful twist. I began cultivating ideas around Breast Cancer awareness & thinking of ways to put my design abilities to good use. I also began alternative therapies & self-healing exercises which combined has allowed me to live in a way that I had never given much thought to in the past.

As I became more deeply immersed in my journey, I soon realized that there was a huge opportunity to give back to society in a meaningful & relevant way. At the very least I wanted to help close the emotional void that many with cancer can feel. I wanted to explore the spiritual & meditative sides of looking after your health. I wanted to illustrate the power of having a positive outlook on life’s journey.

My ideas thoughts and knowledge about Cancer are constantly growing and evolving through the great people I have met on this journey so far. This site will offer a wealth of knowledge from many sources, putting information all in one place. From doctors, nutritionists, Qi Gong masters, Spiritualist Healers to the stories of the women and men who have gone through the same struggle. My Blog will hopefully help people that are about to go through treatment and give them some insight as to what they can expect. Everyone persons story and treatment is different and I got through it relatively easily with a positive mind, healthy food, lifestyle and carrying on with my everyday life of working, meeting friends and playing sport. The only thing I couldn’t do for a while was travel.

Two years on and with all that I have learnt I would not have gone down the Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy route. I now spend most of my time trying to get all the toxins out of my body that chemo put in. I maintain a healthy lifestyle using non-toxic products on my skin, say no to plastics, eat organic, have no sugar, juice non-stop and most importantly look after my mind and soul through Qi Gong and meditation.

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