Hello Love Space


The Hello Love Art & Design Studio is proud to announce the opening of a new community space and retail concept in London’s Bloomsbury.

The space has been specifically designed to instigate collaborations between artists and brands that value social contribution and will serve as the spiritual home of the Hello Beautiful Foundation.

The three-fold purpose of the Hello Love Space is to:

1. EDUCATE people on the benefits of living a healthy and otherwise non-toxic lifestyle.
2. INSPIRE artists, brands and other activists to work together to uplift the community through positive social change.
3. CREATE an engaged community that fosters dialogue and life as an experience.

We need your help to green light this project and turn the Hello Love Space into a reality.

This physical property will bring the Hello Beautiful story to life and assist the Hello Love Studio, as the curator, in our quest to raise awareness for personal sustainability 365 days a year.

Your financial participation is extremely important to the long term viability of this project and any support you can give will be hugely appreciated.

Partnering with Hello Love presents a unique way of giving back to the community and offers a number of social and economic benefits to both artists and brands alike.

Our focus is a contemporary experience that considers social giving from the outset.

Whether your preference is active or passive participation, our partnership program is flexible and fully customizable to suit your individual interests and giving style.

The Hello Love Space is an experience that showcases the power of global collaboration and community involvement. The goal of the space is to provide a central location for men, women and children to learn more about their health and happiness; and whilst doing so, feel inspired to teach others to do the same.

In the most literal sense, the Hello Love concept is a co-branded space created by a network of artists, brands and other health activists that wish to jointly speak to the idea of a non-toxic way of life.

Through monthly exhibits, the Hello Love Art & Design Studio curates a wide variety of health and happiness stories based on the shared interests of the participating artists and brands during that month.

London based design studio, FITCH is one of our founding partners and is working closely with us to create the Hello Love Space. These visuals are a product of their hard work and dedication to our cause.

Thank you FITCH for your ongoing support.

All inquires: info@hellolovestudio.com




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