Tips for chemotherapy

Helping you through Cancer treatments

These first Tips and Tricks are things I picked up to help me through my treatment. I was told I would put on at least a stone in weight as I would sit at home and watch tv all day and eat biscuits and drink fizzy drinks. I found this funny as I never drank fizzy drinks before so I was sure Cancer wasn’t going to be the start of it.

Never once did the NHS give any diet advice other than the standard 5 portions of fruit and veg a day line. But in doing my research most doctors never even do one days study on nutrition, and the NHS is giving the same advice from years ago as there is so much red tape to cut through to get any change in such massive corporations.

I wanted to carry on as normal as possible with my everyday life. I wasn’t going to stop going out, traveling on the tube, working, playing sport, having fun. But I knew it was going to be tough and I would feel extremely ill, tired, sick and ways I can’t even describe in words. So I knew my body needed to be looked after to help me fight through.

Making chemo side effects more bearable


Everything tastes strange throughout the chemo treatment. I had a constant metallic taste in my mouth as though I had a mouth full of coins. I left very sickly and used to wear anti sickness wristbands after each chemo session which was very useful. My Mum bought these from the local chemist. Fresh Ginger Tea was great to help with the sickliness and a nice comfort. I totally went off the taste of tea and coffee.

Another help for the metallic mouth was eating fresh pineapple, sucking ice lollies or adding pineapple juice to ice and making some tasty healthy ice lollies.

Daily things to help the body recover quickly


1. B12 tablets – reduces tiredness and fatigue, supports normal red blood cell formation
2. IP-6 tablets helps with healthy cellular function. Read a great article
3. Beetroot Juice – great for cancer in particular, helps build the immune system and gives you a boost of energy
4. Eating mainly fresh fruit and vegetables, always organic that are free from pesticides.
5. Cutting out dairy. I drink coconut milk and the only cheese I eat is Goats cheese, Feta or Mozzarella.
6. Wheatgrass shots. You can buy wheatgrass grow kits online but I bought mine from Wholefoods. A shot a day of fresh wheatgrass
is fantastic. It’s so good but you shouldn’t have it the day before chemo and for the next 5 days as it can stop the chemo having the full effect – its that good for your body. Watercress is also great to eat a handful a day.
7. Self heal – Meditation, Reiki, Reflexology, Massage, Yoga, Qi Gong – a Chinese version of Tai Chi great for the mind, body and soul.
8. Aloe Vera juice – after chemo has finished to help build your immune system
9. Turmeric – there is lots of research out there saying it has anti Cancer effects and is able to kill Cancer cells and prevent the spread of Cancer cells to other parts of the body.


Helping keep the germs away


I was so luckly to not once pick up a cold or other illness through my treatment even with my red blood cells being wiped out. I ventured on crowded public transport armed with my secret solution. Thieves Oil, which is based on an oil that thieves used to put on themselves whilst robbing people who were infected with the plaque. Essentially protecting themselves from picking up the disease.

I used to dab a few drops under my nose whenever I left the house or use it as an aromatherapy oil in the home.

Vitamin D


There is evidence that Vitamin D is a great source of Breast Cancer prevention and prevention from re-occurance. I take a daily dose of this spray throughout the winter and some days in the summer when I haven’t spent a much time outside. All the ladies I have made Keep A BreastTM Casts with have told me they had low levels of Vitamin D when they were diagnosed with Breast Cancer.