Freezing Your Eggs

More decisions

Something I never knew before. Chemo can make you infertile. Yikes!! I had a couple of weeks to decide if I should freeze my eggs. There was a risk involved as I would need to inject hormones into my legs to stimulate the ovaries into producing more eggs than in a normal cycle. That would mean my oestrogen levels would be raised for that time period. High oestrogen was a factor of why I got breast cancer to begin with.

There were lots of questions and thoughts in my mind. I only had one shot of doing this because Chemo couldn’t be delayed any longer – apparently. I may be pumped with hormones and no eggs would be collected but on the other hand it could work. Then there was the decision of getting a sperm donor or not. Freezing eggs without sperm has a much lower success rate. So if I did meet a guy I wanted to have a baby with and they added his sperm the success rate was so small compared to putting them in the big freezer already fertilised.

I asked if I could freeze half on their own and half with a sperm donor. If I did meet someone to have a child with and adding his sperm didn’t work I would still have some eggs that were already fertilised. At least half of the child would be ours rather than adoption which isn’t an option in the UK. Once you have had cancer you get a big X in the check list box. Another totally ridiculous UK law. That’s a good idea the doctor said but…. the waiting list was too long to get a sperm donor hahahaha so I didn’t have time. So that was that, my little eggs would be frozen all on their own.



Lots of scans and lots of sitting around in the IVF waiting room as the only visable ‘cancer girl’ the doctor said they had only been a few of us in the last 5 years. I remember seeing women arrive with their partners and acting fairly sad and depressed. Cancer puts life in perspective. No I didn’t even have a boyfriend I was 35 and going through Cancer but I was positive, what is meant to be will be. What did they have to be sad about! If worse came to the worst I’m sure I could adopt a child from somewhere in the world and give the child a fun and happy life.

This was the first time of many, through my journey, that I would have to give myself daily injections. I got a delivery of injections to my house and everything needed to go into the fridge. The first time the nurse showed me what to do I was so nervous. I hated needles and used to faint most times I got an injection. What a wuss I was. After a few deep breaths and sweaty hands, in it went. That wasn’t too bad. Quite easy really, I think I prefer giving myself injections now rather than have a nurse do it.

Taking the eggs


My second surgery in a matter of weeks. This time I was in and out and it wasn’t really a surgery at all. They would make me dozey and insert a big ultrasound guided needle to collect the eggs, it would take about 15 mins. All done and 14 eggs were collected, a success! I was happy I had potentially 14 kids stored in a freezer.