What Next?


My official treatment was over, as in the daily hospital trips. Now I was put on Tamoxifen for 5 years, maybe 10. This is meant to block the estrogen cells binding to it’s receptor, and blocking Breast Cancer cells from growing. Lots of women get bad side effects with Tamoxifen but I have been extremely lucky. I did had terrible hot flushes for the first few months, I wasn’t sure whether it was the Tamoxifen, chemo side effects or going into the early menopause caused by chemo. I have occasional aching bones and I’m sure if I hadn’t had chemo I would be more aware of them. But the side effects from chemo makes every other pain I’ve had since hardly noticeable. I also really believe my Qi Gong practice has helped ease all my side effects. It helps flow all the energy around your body and heal from within.

I pop a pill every morning.



Releasing Toxins



photo 2

What goes in must come out. And there was a lot of chemo put in my body. It does strange things and your body needs to release those toxins. I had terrible black nails that fell off so easily. I was so self-conscious I hardly left the house without nail vanish. This probably made the healing process slightly longer. My fingers also looked like I had sat in a bath for too long, they were wizened for a couple of months.

I Have Hair!


My hair started to grow back all over my body, my eyebrows probably grew back the slowest. My head was patchy at first but it soon thickened out. And I mean thick!! I had thick hair before but now I seem to have double the thickness. It was virtually black when it came back. Over time it’s gradually got lighter but it’s very very coarse and curly!! My head began to feel very hot all the time. Going from no hair to hair really warms your whole body up. Sleeping on a night was like I had a hot water bottle on my head.


Getting Healthy in the Mind Body and Soul

It was also time to start researching and living a total healthy lifestyle and understanding more about the causes of Cancer, preventions that are not governed by pharmaceutical companies and to start understanding the importance of putting organic non toxic products into and on my body.